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Please read before registering below.

Student-Athlete Expectations

Outlined in this document are some expectations and guidelines that will help you maximize your experience with the Canon-McMillan football program. It is a privilege to be a member of this football squad and to be a Fighting Big Mac. The Canon Mac football team has made a COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE. Remember this every time you walk into the locker room, weight room, step on the field, or wear a Big Mac Football uniform. Remember you are setting the example for those who will follow in your footsteps. You are a Big Mac all the time and forever.

What does it take to be a BIG MAC?

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We have one rule:  DO RIGHT!  


As a general rule, all members of the Big Mac family are to conduct themselves with class and integrity, both on and off the field. Your behavior is a direct reflection of our school and football program. Any actions that will embarrass you, your team, school, or parents is an action that should not be taken. All players in this program will recognize and respect the authority of all coaches, officials, teachers, administrators, and support staff members.




ATTENDANCE:   Attendance is expected at all team functions.  Be prepared and be early.


INJURIES/ILLNESS:  If a player is sick/injured, attendance is still expected so that you can be evaluated by the trainer for proper treatment.  


ELIGIBILITY:  All student-athletes are expected to maintain eligibility requirements.


PLAYING TIME:  The coaching staff will make decisions about playing time that are in the best interest of the team.  Coaches will not discuss playing time with parents during the season. The coaching staff welcomes those conversations during scheduled Home Visits and/or End of the Season Player Interviews.

JV  FOOTBALL:  Players who do not earn playing time on Friday nights will play JV games on Saturdays.  The goal of these games is to develop players in preparation for the varsity level.  There will be a JVB schedule as well.


COMMUNICATION:  Information will be communicated to parents via email (, Facebook (, the website  , Remind app messages, and text via the class liaisons.  Follow us on Twitter at 

  • Student-athletes are responsible for their own communication. This is part of becoming a responsible young man. Sign up for the Remind app to receive messages from Coach Evans.  When in doubt,  1.)  check your email, texts or the website 2.)  ask a friend 3.)  ask your position coach. 

  • Parents:  Afford your son the opportunity to speak for himself.  Only after your son has spoken to his position coach first, then spoken to his head coach without a resolution should a parent consider contacting the head coach.

  • Parents:  Coach Evans should be contacted via email at  He will either return your email, call you, or set up a time to meet in his office when he can give the matter his full time and attention.  Coach Evans' personal cell phone should only be used in emergencies.

  • Grade-level liaisons will use texting apps to distribute information quickly to parents.  


FUNDRAISING:  Because there is NO FEE required to play Canon-McMillan football, the Quarterback Club is expected to fundraise enough money each year to pay for additional expenses.  This is best accomplished by a large, diverse, and dynamic booster club. Every player’s parent/guardian is invited and strongly encouraged to become an involved member of the QB Club and to contribute their ideas, talents, time and/or best efforts to the club activities. We play against teams who charge up to $800 per player.  Fundraising is necessary in order to provide your son with a quality program that is equipped to compete at the highest level of football in Western PA.


The coaching staff at Canon Mac intends to provide all student athletes with a positive experience that will foster lifelong relationships and nurture character development while building mental toughness, resiliency and the foundation for success in life after high school.  Your years playing high school football as a Big Mac will be remembered as the best years of your life. THE ONLY WAY IS ONE


Welcome to the family!

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