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Coaching Staff

Head Coach - Mike Evans

Assistant Head Coach / Special Teams Coordinator / Safeties - Brendon Steele

Defensive Coordinator / Linebackers - John Trovato


Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks - Rob Carter


Tight Ends / JVB  - Alex Brancazio

Defensive Line / JVB  - Eric McMahon

Running Backs/ Leadership Coach - Eric Chandler


Corners / JVA Head Coach - Rich Rodi


8th Grade Head Coach - Yadin Collins


7th Grade Head Coach - Rodney Davis

Football Operations

Athletic Director - Frank Vulcano

Athletic Secretary - Jackie Jacoby

Team Doctor - Dr Schweizer

Athletic Trainer - Dave Wenslovas, Christine Kovalchek, Kyra Watkins

Equipment Manager - Dave Helinski

Statistician - Nick Woods

Announcer - 

Photographer - Melissa Bellino

Videographer - Aaron Caldwell

Social Media Coordinator/Videographer - Davey Cooper

Recruiting Consultant - Dan Fodrocy

Director of Facilities and Transportation - Jurdon Maier

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